Saint John’s Episcopal Church

1704 Buchanan Street, Hollywood, Florida 33020

Join us each Sunday for our 9:00am Service of Holy Eucharist

Note, there will be no service on Sunday, December 25th, Merry Christmas!




BINGO! at St. John’s Episcopal Church



Phone:  (954) 921-3721  Email:

Church Office hours: Wednesdays, 10am to 1 pm.


All are welcome at Saint John’s Episcopal in Hollywood!

We Are:

A community of people  yearning to be disciples of Jesus, seekers of justice and protectors of creation provide the foundation for us to do our shared work together. Jesus calls us to be through the power of the Spirit.

We recognize the dignity and inherent worth of every person, and we work to build communities where all people find fairness, compassion and the freedom to live fully. We persevere in resisting evil, not just our own sins but the deep, structural sins of racism and oppression perpetuated in our name. We turn to the Lord for the grace to create honest dialogue, lasting transformation and true reconciliation. We cherish the wondrous works of God and strive to protect the beauty and integrity of all living beings.

First, last and always, we pray. We ask for God’s abiding presence with us and we allow the love of Jesus to transform us. From this place of unconditional grace, mercy, and love, we can trust in God’s abundance, knowing we will have everything we need.

We gather to break bread in Jesus’ name, praying to become the Body of Christ in the world. We come together across all ages—children, youth, adults, and elders—to teach one another about Jesus’ redemptive way. We invite our neighbors to know Jesus, proclaiming the Good News by what we say and how we live.

If you are looking for a faith home that will grow and encourage you, come and be fed!



The Rt. Rev. Peter Eaton, Bishop





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